• How do the online courses work?

    The courses are structured for new lessons to be added each week. You will have time to work at home to complete the lesson. Students will socialze and share their progress in a private Facebook page. To get the best experience possible and acquire the most knowledge, it is best to do the weekly work.

  • How are to courses delivered?

    At the beginning of each course a schedule is included. This schedule will have the dates for the release of each new lesson. This work-a-long format is a great way to get positive results and valuable feedback.

  • What type of media is used for this course?

    The courses consists of text lessons, photos and videos. The videos will be in 5 - 15 minute segments to give the detailed information as a skill reinforcement in this work-a-long format. The text and photos will be in .pdf form and available for printing and future reference. Videos are not downloadable.

  • How long are the courses?

    Each course runs 4 weeks. The course content is available for an additional 2 months following the last lesson delivered. This will allow everyone the best opportunity to practice the assignments and hone skills.

  • What is a webinar meeting with the instructor?

    When students need further assistance the instructor will conduct a live broadcast as a means of supporting student skills and helping them advance. Instructor feedback is invaluable and is as though you are in a live workshop. This interactive format is what helps student achieve success. While students are working through their assignments, they will post photos or express their concerns on a private Facebook page.

  • What if I can’t attend the webinar at designated time?

    This is not a problem, we all have busy lives. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded for you to view at any time. Don't feel like you are missing out.

  • How do we interact with our classmates?

    There is a private Facebook page set up for your course. There is where you will post pictures of your progress and to chat with others attending the workshop. This a great supportive community!

  • How does a webinar work?

    If students need additional information a video webinar will be scheduled. A reminder will be sent out for the day and time when the webinar will take place. Zoom is the webinar format and you will be provide with a private meeting ID. Then at the set time, you will join the meeting. It is a very easy format to use and follow, so don't be shy.

  • Do I need special software to view the course?

    No, not at all. First, you will create an account with user name and password. Second, you will enroll in a course. Third, you will receive an email from with information about the necessary supplies and equipment the course. Once the course is open, you will have access to the online platform at any time. Please keep in mind that I respect your privacy. I also ask that you respect my privacy and knowledge. Information acquired from the online learning experience is not to be shared on public forums such as Facebook or other social media. I embrace our relationship and mutual respect fully.