Printing plants on fabric

Putting pesky weeds to work!

Did you know that pesky weeds can be used to make beautiful Eco Prints?


Imagine using weeds and leaves for 

fabulous prints on both silk and linen fabrics?  


Intriguing results are EASY to do 

with the right formulas.


Here is how it works:

Each week you are given a new lesson, you complete the exercise when it works best for you.

There are four weeks of lesson, one delivered each week

A private Facebook page is set aside to share photos and converse with other members. The course and Facebook page stays open an additional 2 months to hone your skills!

The class is structured to make small samples as you learn the process.  Once skills are mastered other larger works are possible. 

You will learn to embellish your prints by making foam stamps and how to mix natural dye print paste.  The possibilites are endless.

Imagine making modern works of art for your next sewing project!

Imagine you creating your own unique art!


Are you ready to learn these magical formulas?


Are you ready to discover the beauty of Weeds and Leaves?


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before we begin

    • Making the Basic Bundle

    • Hot Steam Bundles with Turkey Roaster - You Tube

  • 2


    • Welcome to Weeds and Leaves

    • Agenda

    • Safety

    • Basic Supplies

    • Supply List

  • 3

    First Project

    • First Project information

    • First Project

    • Shift the pH

    • Shifting the pH

    • Tannins

    • Tips and Tricks

  • 4

    Second Project

    • Second Project

    • Prints on Linen

    • Make Foam Stamps

    • Supplies for Making Foam Stamps

    • How to make foam stamps

    • Linen and Flowers

  • 5

    Third project

    • Third Lesson

    • Silk with cotton blanket

    • Mixing Print paste

    • Making Print Paste

    • Dye extraction of Osage Orange

  • 6

    Modern Approach

    • Putting it all together

    • Putting it all together

    • Surface Design

    • How to steam set the dyes