What is the Inner Circle of Botanical Printing?

A 4 month comprehensive learning program for Eco and Botanical printers.

This is topic based and an organized approach to learning the details that affect the printing process.

This is a spiraling curriculum that builds a students knowledge and will enhance the printing skills of all levels.

What I learned

by Jennifer

Kathy is probably the most knowledgeable person in the world on eco & botanical dyeing. Her instructions are detailed and provide technical information to take the guess work out of your projects. After her class you can confidently predict the outcomes of your project. No more guesswork!

Is this course right for me?

Who SHOULD Enroll in this course? Who should NOT enroll in this course?
Anyone who wants deeper knowledge of the art form. If you are looking for specific techniques (these are taught in my other online courses)
Those who are tired of wasting fabrics, time and getting poor results.
Anyone who is happy with whatever outcome.
Those seeking consistent results. If you are totally accomplished with Eco/Botanical Printing.

Anyone looking for deeper understanding of natural dyes and and how they work with botanical printing. A hobbyist who does not mind failures.
Those who know a bit about Eco Printing, but need foundational skills. Not interested in advancing.

What are the monthly topics?

  • 1


    • Welcome to The Inner Circle of Botanical Printing

    • Agenda

  • 2

    Will This Print - testing your leaves

    • Will It Print?

    • Examples

    • Keeping a record

    • Plants on our planet

    • Plant notes

    • Terminology

    • Terminology Definitions

  • 3

    The Perfect Bundle

    • Make the Perfect Bundle

    • Supplies

    • Tools of the Trade worksheet

    • Tools of the Trade

    • Fabrics - Which one to use?

    • Fabric notes

  • 4

    Eco Printing 3 Ways

    • Your Water

    • Three methods for making a print

    • Iron Three Ways - the details

    • Tannins - Mystery Solved

    • Tannin Samples

    • Tannin Notes

  • 5

    Mordanting, the most important step

    • An overview of mordanting

    • Mordanting Protein Fibers

    • Mordanting Overview

    • Mordanting Amounts

    • Mordanting Cellulose

  • 6

    Natural Dyes and Extraction from raw materials

    • Dye Extraction of Chamomile

    • Dye Extraction Notes

    • Documentation of process

    • Natural Dyes

    • Natural Dye Notes

    • Natural Dyes Quick Reference

  • 7

    Let's make green

    • Let's Make Green

    • Let's Make Green Notes

    • Let's Make Green Imagery

    • Color Blending

    • Color Blending Notes

  • 8

    Eco Printing Composition

    • Designing with Plants

    • Principals of Design

    • Did I Mordant This?

  • 9

    Ideas and uses of your Eco Prints

    • Ideas and Projects for your Eco Prints

    • Wool Coasters

    • Swing Vest

    • Swing Vest Pattern

Pricing options

Pay by the month or enjoy a $46 discount with a one time payment.

Do you have the secrets to succeed?

Are you starting your eco printing journey or are you an experienced printer who is looking for a comprehensive program for success?

Are you spending too much time watching Youtube videos or crying out for help in Facebook groups that never answer your questions?

Are you growing weary of Zoom, Instagram or Pinterest because nothing is explained completely and adds to the confusion?

  • Have you been working on your own, wasting fabric and materials and feel like you are a failure?

  • Don't you wish there were a private group that helps you work through your problem prints?

The Inner Circle of Botanical Printing

An 8 month long journey in Eco/Botanical Printing.

How does this exclusive community work? 


  • Topics are presented each month via streamed video, and to be watched at anytime.

  • This group also has its' own private communication format.  

  • Members will then discuss and ask questions as it pertains to the monthly topic.

  • A real bonus each month:  an instructor lead video, that troubleshoots members work.  A very content rich feature. 

  • Knowledge and skills are built through analysis.  

  • Expect several tips and tricks!

  • Think of this private community as your virtual guild membership or your monthly digital magazine. This is a place that is rich in information and reward.

Benefits of a private social community.

Engaging and responsive instructor interaction. 

Experience exclusive video content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.

Meet other botanical printers who also desire to learn the finer points.  It is these fine points and chemistry that lead to success.

Make better choices of material, learn to be more predicatable in your printing.

Swap stories and experiences with others from around the globe.

Find inspiration and perhaps have thought-provoking conversations with other like minded artist.

Time is ticking

to be part of this exclusive community.

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  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Social proof: reviews

5 star rating

title is succinct

Nena Zanos

clear instructions emphasising points of importance, informative notes on fabrics

clear instructions emphasising points of importance, informative notes on fabrics

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5 star rating

First Inner Circle!

Marti Gebert

My first botanical printing workshops were in Florida with Kathy in person, clear, concise, informative. Since that time, I have taken her on line instructio...

Read More

My first botanical printing workshops were in Florida with Kathy in person, clear, concise, informative. Since that time, I have taken her on line instruction, with The Inner Circle being the most recent. Definitely a skills builder, with that same clear and informative presentation. Do it!

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5 star rating

Inner Circle of Botanical Printing

Jennifer Angelo

excellent content. Great course.

excellent content. Great course.

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