the most important step in natural dyeing and botanical printing

Do you know which mordant process is needed for the different fabric types?  

Do you know what the different chemicals are used for?

Are you confused by all the terms and chemical names?  How and why are they used? 


In this video tutorial, you learn the process that is right for your fabrics.

What you will learn

  • Understand which mordanting process is needed for each fabric type

  • Learn about the wide variety of mordanting chemicals

  • Discover three alum product recipes, how and why to use titanium oxylate, soy and copper

  • Unlimited video access of how the mordanting process works

  • Get the tips and tricks for a successful mordant process.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mordanting overview

    • Mordanting Overview and Chemicals Used

    • Mordanting overview document

    • Mordant Amounts

  • 2

    How to Mordant Protein

    • Mordant Protein

    • How to mordant Wool

  • 3

    Mordant Cellulose

    • How to mordant cellulose fibers

What are you waiting for?

Start seeing just how easy it is to mordant a fabric when you have the facts!

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