You can now make GREEN with natural dyes!

Before now, you were limited in your natural dye selection because you always wanted green!    

Maintaining an indigo vat was not something you wanted or to use a herbacide called copper sulphate.  Using iron just created a drab green.

Now, with this video tutorial, you can have an explosion of color naturally! 


Fall foliage and green!

A winning combination $49

Beautiful green on a variety of fabrics

Make clothing with green fabric

Here are the features

  • How to mix a green dye bath

  • How to check for color depth

  • How to make adjustments when necessary

  • How to mix a dye stock

  • Unlimited access to video

  • Gallery of images

Video pre-requirement

This video requires knowledge of how to mix a natural dye bath. The purchaser should know how to mordant fabric before dyeing.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Make Green

    • Let's Make Green

    • Supplies

    • Let's Make Green - Notes

    • Image gallery

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