Eco Printing with Plants Part 2 - June 12

Learn how to print on all fiber types

Feel confident!

The Eco Printing journey continues in this 4 week course as we look at how to make more complex prints with plants.

This course is designed for those who have a good understanding of the Eco Printing process and are ready to advance. Here is a look at what will be covered.

- During the first Lesson, you will understand how to get defined results on fine fabrics such as silk organza. And how to how to print multiple fabrics in one bundle.  

- The second lesson will present three different iron blanket method for crisp definition of prints. Also, an alternative bundling technique is presented as means of ergonomics.

-The third lesson will be devoted to printing on wool felt or fabric.  Use an onion skin bath that will enhancement of your work.

- The fourth and final will is devoted to using cotton and linen fabrics for your printing.

- You will learn to properly mordant the cellulose fabrics.  Extensive explanation via written text and video is provided for your ensured success.  Enjoy learning the methods used for printing on these textiles.

- During this course, the weekly 30 min webinars will continue as a means of supporting your work while being part of a fiber community.

- Enjoy a generous tips and techniques segments that will further grow your skills. Your artistic voice will soar!

-Kathy is there every step of the way offering support and guidance.

Curious how this course will work?

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What others have been saying about this course:

Isabelle Langlois

Very complete and stimulating workshop

Well, all I have to say is that this second online workshop for me with Kathy Hays covered a whole range of techniques and information. I learned how and why to use an iron blanket, how to eco print on wool and felt as well as how to prepare and p...

Jill Gibbons

Well worth your time and effort!

Kathy's courses have helped me understand eco-printing techniques and achieve the high quality results I was seeking. Her carefully organized instructions and videos take students through each step of the process, from gathering materials, throug...

Alli Pang

very helpful online course

before this course, when I saw a lot of beautiful pictures of eco printing on Pinterest , I wonder how they could do them, I was eager to know the method. right now, after this perfect online course, I have got the answer of magic. we have a group...

linda armstrong

Eco printing with plants -part 2

Kathy provides excellent instruction on many platform levels from consisive PDF files to detailed video instruction. Each week is followed up with an online live webinar in which she utilizes student work to assist and clarify weekly instruction. ...

Kathy Kinsella

Wonderful workshop

A great eco print workshop that de-mystifies use of an iron blanket and provides good information for printing on silk organza and wool felt. Weekly webinar meetings are an opportunity for direct feedback from Kathy Hays. Well organized and prese...

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Kathy  Hays
Kathy Hays
Textile Artist and Instructor

About the instructor

I teach success!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with you.

When I began Eco Printing I made many mistakes. I was dissapointed, frustrated and discouraged with my results. There was no where to turn for help. I experimented, I took workshops, I read books until I unlocked the secrets of Eco Printing.

I am here to save you the valuable hours and wasted natural resources while trying to get the beautiful results you seek.

I have shared my knowledge and skills with hundreds of people. Watching students jump for joy or squeal in delight as they open their bundles.

I would like to personally invite you to join me to learn how to make Eco Printing fun, exciting and have success!


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