Eco Print,Natural Dyes and Surface Design - March 4

Creating beautiful fabrics with natural dye extracts and surface design

Grow your skills!

Expand your Eco Printing skills with the addition of Natural Dye Extracts. Combining Natural Dye Extract and Eco Printing with plants creates very unique-to-you fabric.

- This course is for accomplished printers who are ready to add new skills and color to their work.

- This is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate your previously learned Eco Printing skills into a broader range of artistry.

- During this 4 week course you learn how to properly mordant cotton and silk fabrics in preparation for natural dyeing. Weld, Logwood and Lac are a few of extracts used.

- Explore the technique of solid shade dyeing of fabrics that have soothing color pallet with exquisite harmony.

- You will then learn how to discharge the naturally dyed fabrics with plants and print paste. Numerous surface design techniques will be shared that enhance the cloth. Watch your fabric come to life before your eyes!

- This course allows you to express your artistic self easily.

- Finally, we will incorporate Eco Printing to further enhance our fabrics.

- The weekly 30 minute webinar will continue as a means of supporting your work, process and skills.

Let the colorful journey begin!

What others have been saying about this course:

Isabelle Langlois

Very great workshop!

I have just finished this 4 weeks workshop and it is intensely packed with information, techniques and new approaches to design and eco print. I really enjoyed trying a variety of new techniques and there is so much to learn and try with the tool...

Eileen Gordon


Instructions and information are excellently explained in both the videos and written material. I have taken several of Kathy's workshops and find them to be extremely helpful in mastering the techniques that produce the results I want. I highly...

Rose Ann Kramer

Incredible course

After taking the Eco print class 1 & 2 I decided to take the eco print and natural dye and surface design, class. It just changed my whole outlook on making beautiful eco printed fabrics. I was very timid with using natural dyes and now I jus...

Susan Kennedy

Very informative, explorational course

This course is packed with information, and explains why/how natural dyes and eco printing work together. The class allows for exploration and discovery on an individual basis, but with expert guidance and answers, always with the encouragement to...

Kathy  Hays
Kathy Hays
Textile Artist and Instructor

About the instructor

I teach success!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with you.

When I began Eco Printing I made many mistakes. I was dissapointed, frustrated and discouraged with my results. There was no where to turn for help. I experimented, I took workshops, I read books until I unlocked the secrets of Eco Printing.

I am here to save you the valuable hours and wasted natural resources while trying to get the beautiful results you seek.

I have shared my knowledge and skills with hundreds of people. Watching students jump for joy or squeal in delight as they open their bundles.

I would like to personally invite you to join me to learn how to make Eco Printing fun, exciting and have success!