What you can expect to learn

Step by step

  • Learn how to mix and care for your indigo vat

  • Learn the how to make Eco Print with indigo dyed fabrics

  • How to use folding and clamping to creates surface interest.

Gallery of ideas

And even dye a shirt or make a  top!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Eco Print and Indigo

    • Welcome

    • Overview of Indigo

    • Supplies

  • 2

    Fabric Preparation

    • Scour the fabric

  • 3

    Clamp and Resist

    • Your assignment

    • Part 1 Folding and Clamping

    • Part 2 Folding and Clamping

    • Part 3 Folding and Clamping

  • 4

    Indigo Procedure

    • How to use the indigo vat

    • How to use indigo vat

  • 5

    Mixing the Indigo Vat

    • How to mix the Indigo Vat

    • Instructions how to mix an indigo vat from pre-reduced crystals

  • 6

    Eco Printing

    • Eco Printing

    • Eco Printing

    • Iron Blanket technique

    • Iron Dipped Fabric

  • 7

    Vat Care

    • Vat Care and Conclusion

    • Vat Care

  • 8

    Eco Print and Indigo Examples

    • Examples of Eco Print and Indigo

  • 9

    Conclusion and Farewell

    • Review

Further Workshop Information

You will have access to this course for 4 months to complete.  There are videos and printable pdf documnets for assistance.

In this course you will use Pre- Reduced Indigo crystals to get you up and running with this fabulous technique.  

However if you know how to use a natural vat, you too can join the fun!

Enjoy documents that outline the video information and keep for future reference.