Successful Eco Printing with Plants - Part 1 Begin April 22

Fundamentals for creating beautiful leaf prints on silk fabrics.

Print with Confidence

Printing with plants onto fabric is called Eco Printing.  It is the hottest textile process that you will want to learn!

It is amazingly fun once you know the process.

- No experience required for this entry-level course and is for anyone wanting to learn how to make successful Eco Prints.

- In this web-based course, you will be taken step by step as you learn about plants, fabrics, tools, and processing methods. A generous resource list is provided. Understanding the tools of the trade are essential as you transform the plants found in Nature to beautiful prints on fabric.

- Your learning begins with printing on silk because it is the easiest in which to develop core skills while understanding process. 

- Kathy will be there to be your mentor and coach as you discover the plants in your neighborhood most suitable for Eco Printing.

- You will find the weekly work-along approach helps to cement the concepts and the information. There are numerous tips and tricks are shared that give spectacular results.

- The course is 4 weeks long and remains available for an additional 2 months. Printable and downloadable text documents are available for your future reference.

- With this web-based course, you will have feedback from your classmates and instructor via a private social media group.

- There will be a weekly 30 minute webinar that will discuss results and how if any improvements can be made. This type of interactive support will help you achieve fantastic results in a few short weeks! 

- This course builds the necessary skills to advance to more complex processes.

Curious how this course will work?

Kathy  Hays
Kathy Hays
Textile Artist and Instructor

About the instructor

I teach success!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with you.

When I began Eco Printing I made many mistakes. I was dissapointed, frustrated and discouraged with my results. There was no where to turn for help. I experimented, I took workshops, I read books until I unlocked the secrets of Eco Printing.

I am here to save you the valuable hours and wasted natural resources while trying to get the beautiful results you seek.

I have shared my knowledge and skills with hundreds of people. Watching students jump for joy or squeal in delight as they open their bundles.

I would like to personally invite you to join me to learn how to make Eco Printing fun, exciting and have success!