Summer to Remember - all 3 courses

Three fantastic courses over 16 weeks of instruction

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The "Summer to Remember" series will be the Summer in which you finally demystify Eco Printing and Natural Dyes to find success.   Starting at the beginning with good foundational skills and information,  then growing those skills step by step is the best way for mastery of these techniques.  The Summer is also a perfect time to learn while there is plenty of vegetation available.  In the past, you have made plant prints with little success,  or you are confused what is the right things to use or your results have been incosistent.  This 12 week course will make you a strong and competent artist.

First course, Part 1 start on June 17.  For the next four weeks, you will learn everything from fabrics, to solutions, to plants and how to process.  These foundational skills are essential to grow into more complex techniques and skills.

The second course, Part 2 will start on July 15.  During this time you will learn the additional skills of using an iron blanket, how to print on silk organza and wool felt.  The final lesson focuses on cellulose fibers such as cotton and linen

The third course in this series is, Natural Dyes, which starts on Aug 12.  You will focus on how to mordant fabrics correctly, how to use natural dye extracts, use thickened dye extracts for screen printing or stamping, and how to discharge dyes without chemicals or odor.  You will be encouraged and supported to develop your own artistic self.

Summer to Remember - all 3 courses includes these courses

Successful Eco Printing with Plants Part 1- June 17
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Eco Printing with Plants - Part 2 - July 15
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Eco Print, Natural Dye Extract and Surface Design - Aug 12
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